Friday, December 31, 2010

She'll be here by the 5th!!

So we've been to a few doctor's appointments since the last one I wrote about and not much has changed except Alex's weight which has soared from the 5's to almost 7 lbs in only a few weeks bringing her from the 23rd percentile to the 49th!!! Also, my doctor has arranged for me to be induced at 6am on Tuesday morning (the 4th) so there's a good chance that the 4th will be her birthday (sorry Sloan lol). We are staying with Jason's grandmother right now in Holbrook so as to be closer to the hospital but we are planning a quick day trip home today so we can visit with Aidan and get some other things in order before we come back so hopefully Alex will keep to her new due date *fingers crossed* :) Thanks again for your interest and well wishes and Happy New Year!!